Packaging System Services All in One Place

Compatibility Testing

We test all the products you intend to package to verify they are compatible with our machines and films. Modifications to the machines or film changes are sometimes necessary to mitigate product variations and ensure proper sealing and bag forming. Our record of returned machines and film is outstanding.

Machine Training

We allow our customers to visit our facility in Southern California for hands-on training on each and every machine. We encourage customers to use this opportunity to quickly learn how to set up, operate, adjust, and maintain our machines.

Training may be limited to specific days of the week.

Installation Service

As an added service, we can also travel to your facility to initialize our machines for you, as well as provide on-site training to your staff. Our rates are based in part on travel time, transportation costs, lodging, duration, etc.

Film Selection

We help determine for you a cost-effective film solution that provides a balanced technical approach that will protect your product against the environmental effects of air, heat, moisture, etc., yet be easy for your customers to open and have a look and feel you want.

Pouch Design

We assist you in the details of designing your flat or stand-up pouch, including material selection and thickness, whether to load your product from the top or bottom of the pouch, location of hang holes, and re-sealable zippers, all to ensure they can be used with our sealers.

Graphics Design

We offer competitive rates to help come up with a graphics design for your film or bag that conveys the image you want, yet matches the shape and features of the finished bag, and is compatible with the machine’s film registration tracking system.

Turn-Key System Design

Our extended staff of packaging professionals has the experience and knowledge to create a complete packaging line for you which may include processing, conveying, feeding, packaging, weighing, counting, boxing, and storage.

We’ll be happy to assist you in the overall planning of your packaging line. Just ask us.