Creating High-Quality Packaging Lines and Systems

At EntrePack, our goal is to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with the most affordable, high-quality packaging lines and systems, machines, films, and services in the industry to get their products packaged and ready for distribution.

EntrePack machines are well suited to package products such as granola bars, nutritional powders, bakery goods, snack foods, chocolates, coffee, herbs and spices, consumer appliance parts, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, chemicals, hair care products, industrial powders, etc.

At EntrePack, we also offer films, bags, and supplies for all our machines, including printed and non-printed roll stock laminations for our horizontal flow wrappers and vertical form-fill-seal machines, shrink wrap for our automatic shrink systems, L-bars and shrink tunnels, and bags for our vacuum sealers and continuous band sealers.

We offer an array of services that include testing our customers’ products with our machines and films, customer training and installation service, maintenance and repair of our EntrePack machines, film and bag graphics design, and system design of end-to-end packaging lines.

EntrePack machines, films, and services are sold across the continental US, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. In addition, we stock parts for and service all of our machines.

At EntrePack, we value exceptional customer service and complete customer satisfaction.